Ikaika Torres Alethia Adams Torres

Alethia & Ikaika Torres

To produce multimedia content that entertains, heals, and uplifts its audience.

Mercury Direct understands that story is the mode of communication in which ancestors speak to descendants. It conveys ancient wisdom through metaphor, hiding secrets in plain sight. Story provides the spatial context to change minds, touch hearts, and speak to the soul.


We envision a world where sustainability and justice --economic, social, and environmental, is common sense. One day we hope to become a nonprofit, donating proceeds to communities in need.

We are dedicated to doing our part in using multimedia storytelling to uplift the human race. 

Yes, we are a married couple. Now, allow us to introduce ourselves.


Hi, I'm Alethia. I wear several hats around here, such as filmmaking, graphic design, social media marketing, and accounting. I have a BS in Marketing and an MA in Teaching. I'm from Pensacola, FL. I love animals, nature, and travel.


Hey, I'm Ikaika. I write fiction and screenplays. I'm currently building my skills as a filmmaker and multimedia director. I have an AA in Creative Writing. I also studied Theatre Arts, Art of Film, and Multimedia. I was born and raised in Hawai'i. I love travel, adventure, and consuming story.